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Updated: 7/29/2020
Health Story Board

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  • Hey Guys! guess what I just heard from Jessica
  • I heard her parents are out of town and she's throwing the biggest party of the year!
  • Omg guys no way I'm missing out!
  • Hey Mum, Jessica is having a tiny gathering at her house tonight, is it ok if I go?
  • If her parents are there you are more than welcome to go sweetie
  • This party seems kind of dangerous, but If I don't go what will people think of me!
  • Looks like my parents are out of town for the weekend! Lets Goooo!!!
  • Don't be silly just one drink and you'll be fine
  • Hey kids look what we brought!
  • Oh my gosh is that beer!
  • But isn't it dangerous?
  • Yes its beer! Come on Amy it'll be fun, one beer can't hurt trust me
  • Sorry I can't drink this, I can't risk somebody getting hurt
  • Much better safe than sorry