Updated: 5/30/2021

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  • The Ngai Tai Tribe moved from the Tainui canoe, and had settled in local areas such as Howick, whitford, Maritai etc.. Ngai tai most likely choose this place as these places have good resourses of land and food.
  • The Ngai Tai lived under forest in Waitakere and had leaded most of the land in the North Island, land as far as Kaipara, to Muhurangi, they had settled in New Zealand in the early 1800's. 
  • Ngaiti Whatua had started to move south between 1740- 1750, They had began in invade the isthmus and attacking other tribes. Nagiti Whatua had conqurered their domonace by intermarrying with a tribe- Nagaiti oho.
  • From 1600-1750 the Tamaki tribes started to build settelments behind protective palisades across isthmas and had settled with They had developed 2000 hecters of kumara gardens
  • There was a peace between the Nagiti Paoas Conflict with Ngapuhi tribes in the north. The Tamaki Tribes were vulnerable to attack.
  • In 1821 the Ngapuhi leader launched a series of attacks on the region. 2000 men had stormed two Ngaiti Paoa pa, killing hundreds and enslaving tons as well.
  • Tribes had 1000 muskets