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Updated: 5/14/2020
Narnia Story Board

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  • let's discuss this inside my tent please White Witch.
  • Yes your majesty.
  • The Witches House.
  • Where are we going Aslan?
  • They rescue Edmund from the White Witch, but because he betrayed Narnia he is the Witches property, but Aslan needs Edmund for the prophecy to work, so he goes into the tent to discuss what he can do to save Edmund and lands on the idea to let the White Witch kill him instead on the stone table.
  • Well done Peter. We did it.
  • Alsan left in the middle of the night, Lucy heard him and woke up Susan. They followed him to the stone tables where the Witch killed him. After a while the stone table cracked, and broke, Aslan rose up in a ball of light and came down to the ground alive again, for you can't die on the stone table unless you are a willing and have done something wrong. that is why Aslan agreed to do it in the first place.
  • Aslan takes Lucy and Susan to the Witches house. Lucy sees Mr Tumness has been turned into a rock sculpture. Aslan breaths on Mr Tumness and he is turned back to a Faun. Aslan then goes back to his army to find that they are at war with the White Witch.
  • Peter rules aslans army and fight against the White Witch. Aslan kills the White Witch and Lucy and Susan run up to Peter but then they realise that Edmund isn't there. They go rescue Edmund with Lucy's potion that cures people. Then they go and give the potion to everyone so that they all live in the end.
  • So Lucy became, 'Queen Lucy the Valiant. Edmund became,'King Edmund the just'. Susan became, 'Queen Susan the gentle', and Peter became 'King Peter the magnificent'. They then were the kings and queens of Narnia.