Updated: 3/3/2021

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  • Greece has a mixed market economy, and their government type is a republic. An interesting fact about this country is women live significantly longer than men. On average females live to be 84 while males average life span is only 78.73
  • The amount the government spends on the military in Greece is $8,238,817,200.
  • Greece has 19.7% arable land. This contributes to the many agricultural products they produce such as wheat, olives, peaches/nectarines, grapes, and milk.
  • Greece spends $94.597 billion on imports. Some of these products include machinery, transport equipment, fuels, chemicals, natural gas. Greece spends more money on imports, than on exports putting them in a trade deficit of -1.672 billion dollars.
  • Greece spends $92.925 billion on exports. Some exports include food and beverages, manufactured goods, petroleum products, chemicals, textiles.
  • Greece has 4 million people in the work force. The highest amount of people (72.4%) are in services. There are also 15% in industry and 12.6% in agriculture. However, the unemployment rate is 17.3%.