idk don't ask
Updated: 6/5/2020
idk don't ask
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Molly and her 2 sisters Chole and Amanda have a tough live, their dad in in Afganastan MIA and there mother works her butt off at their family cafe trying to make enough money to put food on the table and pay the bills. There is barely enough room for extras in these girls lives. But in the end they are the 3 Musketeers powering through any problem thrown their way; boys, friends bullys. These girls have seen it all and conquered it all.

Storyboard Text

  • Hello boardem my old friend
  • Go Harry!
  • *giggle*
  • no maybe tomorrow?
  • can you come over later?
  • Chloe your toys are all over our room!!!
  • it's my room to!
  • Middle School is the worst thing invented. So is the bus. At Presten Elementary and Middle School you are on the bus with the kids in your neighborhood. None of my friends live in my neighborhood, they all live in the rich part of our town and I live in the normal part of town. So here I am looking bored with my genius sister next to me and my little sister and her best friend giggling about something only fifth grader get. Lame.
  • Finally we get home. I walk up our front walk to our small brown house with the dead lawn. We don't stick out on our street where a lot of families who have kids make their lawns dirty but our is brown and dead because Mom does not have time for gardening. Her old minivan is not in the driveway which means we are the only ones home.
  • Deep breaths
  • My sisters were going at it again. Sharing a room was hard for them. Chloe who got away with everything and Amanda the bookworm and neat freak. Chloe has a HUGE imagination and Amanda like things just so and HATES change. They were not exactly made to be roomies.
  • i'm tired of pasta!
  • It's leftover spaghetti
  • no i'm having a sandwich
  • Looking into my mothers room on my way to my room, I notice how empty it was. When we usually came home before dad went overseas there was always someone home to great us and give us a snack. Now dad is MIA and mom is working double time at the family cafe.
  • I sit down on my bed and try to ignore the shouting. I smile at Jasper our dads dog who loves sleeping on my rug. He is super old but really sweet and if someone tried to break into our house he would lick them to death. I spend a few hours on my homework then tell my sisters it's dinner time.
  • dinner!!!
  • Mom is still not back by 6:00pm but that is normal. I get my sister fed with leftover spaghetti a crowd pleaser if we had not had it the past week for dinner. Mom cooks on the weekends leaves our dinners in the fridge for us to heat-up since we all are terrible cooks. Mom used to be head chef for the cafe but did not work until all 3 of us were in school then is now trying to get her spot back. Mom won't admit it but we are struggling.
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