Demon Hunters In Space 1

Updated: 5/13/2020
Demon Hunters In Space 1

Storyboard Text

  • In the future, Earth has been reduced to an impoverished society as space travel becomes more affordable and mainstream. It remains the base of the Space Force, which exists to maintain peace in the galaxy.
  • Harris Monroe is the son of a wealthy jet fuel tycoon who lives on Earth. He has recently completed his education at a university and is planning to join the Space Force to make his family proud.
  • Harris gets to the Space Force HQ and meets his counselor, a medium-rank officer in charge of newbies. He tells Harris that he is going to be shipped off to another unit for training. There is something suspicious about the whole operation.
  • Harris is shipped out to a creepy old castle which is apparently intended as a training base. There are other rookies there as well.
  • Harris meets another newbie, Hadley McDermott, stationed in the same unit as him. They become friends in the base as they train and wait for their assignment. Hadley is from a middle-class family from Mars.
  • The officers in charge of their unit are low-ranking and have no idea how to handle them. Conditions are not very good.