Demon Hunters in Space 2

Updated: 5/13/2020
Demon Hunters in Space 2

Storyboard Text

  • Their unit is finally shipped out, but a malfunction(which is apparently extremely common and the SF's best kept secret) occurs, and Harris is shot out into space.
  • Harris lands on a dwarf planet that's occupied by some small commune of people already. They see that he is wearing a space force uniform and are suspicious, believing him to be a policeman.
  • Harris is brought back to their headquarters, which are apparently underground. Given space travel and technology have advanced so much, they have their own air generation system set up underground.
  • When he tries to explain what happened to him, they take him to the elder druids that run the commune. He begs them for help, and they explain that they cannot offer help, but he can live at the commune with them if he pulls his weight.
  • Harris is sad; all he wants to do is go home. He doesn't even know where he is, and no one is willing to explain the situation because they all seem too mad to want to talk to him.
  • Finally, the chief elder comes in and explains that Helen Lazar, one of the residents of the commune, is tasked with introducing Harris and explaining his new job. Helen is not pleased when she hears this.