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Updated: 9/26/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Della had the money in her hands Thinking of what she could buy for him husband on Christmas day but they were also not very wealthy so it was hard for her and her husband, Jim.(O.Henry 1)
  • Della was letting her hair down and going to cut it for money.Jim (Her husband) had a watch from his father and grandfather and had to sell it to get money for a gift. (O.Henry 1)
  • Della was giving her hair to the lady in the store.Jim was giving his watch to the sales person. (O.Henry 2)
  • Jim is mad that Della cut her hair and Della is mad that he doesn't like it. (O.Henry 3)
  • Even though they were mad at each other they still got gifts for each other. (O.Henry 4)
  • At the end of the story they were happy and thankful for each other.(O. Henry 4)