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Updated: 4/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Scenario:
  • Risk 1:
  • Consequence 1:
  • A group of Cristy's 14-year-old friends drop by and talks her into going down to the river for a swim, on a hot summer's day. They have beers and a cask of wine and begin drinking while swimming
  • Strategy 1:
  • Alcohol has the ability to impair our senses and sense of direction in the water, and also makes us feel confused and lose control over our body. This could lead to drowning.
  • Positive outcome 1:
  • Due to the girls' deaths, Cristy, and many others who loved them, would be in grief.
  • Risk 2:
  • To prevent drowning, the girls should wait at least 1 hour after drinking before entering the water or should stay out of the water for at least one hour for every drink they consume. This way, the body will have time to settle down before it enters the water
  • The girls would be able to continue living happy and healthy lives, and nobody would be at their despair.
  • Drinking alcohol whilst swimming on a hot day can intensify the effects that alcohol has on the body, especially in young people. Alcohol can quickly raise our body temperatures and could cause the girls to experience things such as heatstroke and exhaustion.