Updated: 1/16/2020
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Cyberbullying comic

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  • Riley
  • hi, meet me at the park in ten
  • Where is she?
  • They'll never know!
  • LOSERS!!
  • As if i would hang out with these losers
  • Ava and Olivia are at Olivia's house when they get a message from Riley telling them to meet her at the park.
  • ummm ok then.
  • Help me bully Olivia and i'll leave you alone.
  • They go but it seems like Riley isn't there so they leave but she actually filming in secret.
  • We hate Olivia!!!!!
  • Everyone welcome to the Olivia Newman sucks website!!
  • mwahaahaa
  • Riley posts a mean video of them saying she would never hang out with losers.
  • You're never gonna get a boyfriend
  • you suck!
  • Fattie you're so ugly!
  • F*** off.
  • Nobody likes you!
  • Just DIE!
  • Riley tells Ava that if she helps bully Olivia then she'll leave her alone.
  • They make a hate website about Olivia with the help of Liam and bribe people to join and post mean things about her.
  • Olivia is really sad but doesn't know who to tell.
  • You should wear make-up.
  • Who can i tell?
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