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Act 3 Media Project
Updated: 4/30/2020
Act 3 Media Project
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  • Madam, I hope you understand my cruel actions were only to bring kindness at a later time.
  • What should I do now, son?
  • What you should not do is go see the imposter who sits atop the throne.
  • It will take an intelligent and strong-willed Madam Ruler to ignore his lustful attempts at seduction. Do not bend towards his will, mother.
  • Do not ignore what is right and tell Claudius that my insanity is faked.
  • Don't be like the foolish space cadet from the children's stories. He ignored common sense when he saw space worms with no equipment flying freely through space, and he attempted to fly freely himself. Don't speak of my secret to Claudius unless you want the same fate as that poor cadet.
  • Don't worry Prince Ruler, I'll keep this conversation locked in my banks.
  • Mother you've heard I must go to our brother station?
  • It had slipped my banks. Claudius ordered it himself.
  • Because of this now silent bot I'm being shipped to England Station. He used to be so chattery, hopefully the fixer can eliminate that trait. Come now service-bot. Until the next cycle, my mother. Rest well.
  • Exit Hamlet and Polonius
  • VOOoRP
  • Polonius
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