Greek comic book
Updated: 4/30/2020
Greek comic book

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  • Before we start. (1.) Persian are power hungry conquers. (2.) Greeks didn't consider themselves Greek only by their city. (3.) Greeks consider all non Greek speakers animals. (4.) They need a sequal to 300. And (5.) i'm giving the need to know so please dont scrutninize me.
  • The Battle of MarathonThe battle of Marathon was the one of the first major battle of the Persian war. It happened because one of the city states helped stage an uprising in the Greek territory Ionia controlled by the Persians. The king of Persia, King Darius was not thrilled. The king later sent thousand of ships to the shores of Marathon about 40 miles form Athens.
  • To cut it short the Persians sent half the army to Marathon and the rest to Athens. Half of the Persian Army was wiped out and with the Greek general Miltiades the Athenians wrecked house. They used shock and awe tactics and completely overwhelmed the Persian event though they had a third of the force.
  • Attack
  • If you think i'm putting 30 of these guy your dead wrong.
  • The significance of the battle is 2 fold. One, it inspired other Greeks to fight Xerxes. And two, it laid the foundation of western culture for fighting for independence.
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