Ts'Peten Standoff
Updated: 3/15/2021
Ts'Peten Standoff

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  • The Ts'Peten Defenders, RCMP and Lyle James held meetings to try and see if peace could be negotiated. Unfortunately none was found as both parties thought the land was their own.
  • no its mine!
  • This is our land as the we own all land that was never claimed by the treaty to the crown.
  • During this time, the NDP was facing significant corruption scandals and the NDP's strategists saw this conflict as a way to gain their support back. They treated this as a “get tough”, law & order stance against Native “terrorists.” At first the RCMP thought this was a total civil matter and had no interest what so ever in the conflict. But when the RCMP heard of this they also saw this to be beneficial towards them as they would later treat this as an "anti terrorist" operation
  • Hey everyone, send in the cavalry!
  • By mid august the RCMP started sending out heavily armed ERT units to serveillance the camp. Shortly after, there were alleged shooting incidents and that drove the RCMP to send Bison armoured personnel carriers (APCs). On September 11, they attacked the defenders. They put explosives such as dynamite into a vehicle with and began shooting at the unarmed defenders.
  • On august 25th the police cut off the The defenders only way of contact to the outside world; their radio phone. Along with that the media only had access to the NDP and The RCMP's point-of-view. On the 26th the defenders tried to negotiate a peaceful surrender when a shot was fired.
  • Let us leave peacefully.
  • On September 17 the 31 day long standoff ended peacefully when the last couple defenders out of 24 left the land after a medicine man named John Stevens gave them advice that they should leave and surrender. By the end of all of this, police had fired up to 77,000 rounds of ammunition, killed a dog and the NDP gave the RCMP permission to lead the largest paramilitary operation in Canadian history for no good reason as the land was no use to them and had no strategical value nor valuable use for something to be built for society. 16 of the defenders were arrested and 15 served jail time.