Gullible Troubles
Updated: 2/7/2020
Gullible Troubles

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  • Spencer Gallagher
  • Gullible Troubles
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  • I know I can fool Gullible..
  • Hello!
  • ...
  • I can help you cook the cake!
  • This is where the story begins, his cousin and aunt begins to fool him because he believes in everything.
  • I am getting dressed up for a party coming.
  • Interesting, I will dress up too.
  • I am working, but I need you to wash these coals to make them cleaner and make me light them in fire.
  • His aunt saw the gullible so he thought that he can fool him so easily.
  • Gullible decided to enter the house and somehow saw his cousin cooking the cake, he decided to help him cook the cake.
  • Time to get more coals because when I washed them, they disappeared..
  • He failed to cook the cake, he messed it up so he decided to apologize and go back to his aunt house. He decided to get dressed up since she was getting dressed for the party as well.
  • He got dressed up for the party, later he decided to go to his cousin office and his cousin was busy, he told the gullible to clean up the coals so he can light up them.
  • Okay..
  • Am I really useful?
  • He washed all of coals, but all of it seemed to begin to disappear. He decided to go into the basement to get more coals but he didn't walk on his feet, he decided to walk on his hands because monster would wake up anyways.