a drug called oral steroids
Updated: 1/31/2021
a drug called oral steroids

Storyboard Description

these are steroids taken by eating it or drinking it

Storyboard Text

  • im so tiny i want to get big!
  • don´t worry take some oral steroids then you can get bigger with that!
  • i have overdosed to make myself get this big!
  • so now you are bigger than before
  • i have AcneBlurred visionCataracts or glaucomaEasy bruisingDifficulty sleepingHigh blood pressureIncreased appetite, weight gainIncreased growth of body hairInsomniaLower resistance to infectionMuscle weaknessNervousness, restlessnessOsteoporosisStomach irritation or bleedingSudden mood swingsSwollen, puffy faceWater retention, swellingWorsening of diabetes