Elisa Otis SS Storyboard REAL
Updated: 1/4/2021
Elisa Otis SS Storyboard REAL

Storyboard Text

  • Hello there. My name is Elisha Otis - you might know me from my famous invention, the elevator. My journey began in 1852, where I first patented railroad car brakes and trucks. These had an immense impact because they allowed for safer and easier transportation, as the brakes I created make it easier to stop railroad cars in need of a situation of demise.
  • Elisha Otis: The Genius Behind the Elevator
  • My dedication and passion began to grow, as I soon patented the steam plow (which I was actually only a very small part of). A steam plow is when two steam powered engines pulled at one cabled plow. This had a great impact because it allowed for safer transportation through places like good soil, and could easily plow through them, also having a positive impact on the farms..
  • Last, but definitely not least, in 1861, I patented the first lift - which used my designed steam engine (using it for railroads was merely one example for its many usages). The lift was incredibly useful because it allowed for safer transportation through buildings, and faster as well. This was amazingly a success, and brought me to the fame I uphold today.
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