Updated: 4/20/2020
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  • Kupe set out to hunt his competitors octupus who ahd been eating all of Hawii's fish. During the pursuit Kupe's wife started a shouting a long white cloud which means there might be land. So Kupe's pursuit brought him to NEw Zealand.
  • As Kupe entered Hokinaga harbour he struck by light. Kupe was so awestruck by they light that he named the harbour spring of the world of light. The light struck the northern side of the Hokinaga which he named the post of fire.
  • Before Kupe left he started preparing for the long journey ahead of him. He grow kumara on the southern side of other harbour. Where years later a plaque was put there for him. He also trapped fish and crabs in between the rocky shores.
  • Kupe asked some of his people to prepare an earth oven so they could cook their food. But when Kupe got given his food it was cold. He banished the people who cooked him the food. This place is called Kohukohu which means curse.
  • When Kupe left Hokinga harbour, he left behind to pet sea monsters at the harbour entrance. They were to guard Hokinga and protect travellers crossing over the massive sand bar.
  • Kupe travelled back to his homeland never to return back to New Zealand but told stories about here. His family generations later decided to travel here just like he did .
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