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Religion, Martin Luther
Updated: 11/5/2020
Religion, Martin Luther
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  • This is WRONG!!
  • 95 Theses
  • Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany is 1483. He was an educated scholar, a spiritual person. One day Martin got caught in a terrible lighting storm and he promised God that he would become and monk if he lived through the storm. He survived and kept his promise.
  • I am excommunicating you Martin
  • Martin Luther studied as a monk, and discovered that the Catholic Church were corrupt and dishonest. Martin argued with the church because they were selling indulgences and Martin thought this was a wrong.
  • Latin to German?
  • Since Martin thought this was wrong, he wrote a letter with 95 reasons why he was unhappy with the church. He then nailed the letter (known as the 95 theses) on the doors of the church. Not soon later, many people agreed with Martin and supported his point.
  • Protestant Reformation and Religion
  • The leaders of the Catholic Church were angry with Martin and the People decided to excommunicate him. Martin then went hiding so he wouldn't get killed and soon he started his own church called the Lutheran Church in 1521.
  • The Lutheran Church believed many things that the Catholic Church believed. Martin Luther studied the bible and translated it from Latin to German because he wanted everyone to be able to read and understand the bible, and support his religion.
  • After the bible translation, in 1517 Martin Luther created and started the protestant reformation and religion. The reformation is still remembered in Catholic and Lutheran churches today.
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