Activity - The Address

Updated: 7/29/2020
Activity - The Address

Storyboard Text

  • Its been a long time . I hope Mrs Dorling recognizes me and that this is the right address
  • Is she who I think she is ?!
  • Sorry I cannot meet you today. Maybe you could visit some other time
  • Mrs Dorling did recognize me but why was I turned away ? I remember how I had first met her and my mother had told me her address. Maybe I should try again
  • The Next time the narrator visits the house, a girl of about fifteen opened the door
  • No she's on an errand , you could wait for her inside
  • Is your mother at home ?
  • Oh thank you . My mother says it is antique. We have lots more. Will you have a look ?
  • Here's the old burn mark ! Everything seems so familiar but at the same time - so different !
  • That's a beautiful box
  • The Narrator however does not require the girl's aid to look around since she feels that she knows the place well
  • We use them for everything . We also ate off the plated there. But it wasn't anything special
  • Won't you wait for my mother ?
  • When one has something , he does not realize it's value. One only remembers it when it is missing or needs repairs I think I must leave now .
  • I think it is better for me to forget 46 Marconi street . These possessions do not matter to me anymore - they have lost their value to the strange surroundings . I must forget the past and move on in life . Of all things, it would be the easiest for me to forget the Address