Cyber bullying
Updated: 1/16/2020
Cyber bullying
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  • hi my name is Tommy this is how i got bullied my best friend Ro was getting bullied by a boy called Rico and i decided to stick up for her unfortunately my girl friend saw this she was not happy with me. all her friend were all sat behind her.
  • so my Ex girlfriend (Tasha) now.She hates me and Ro. i think she (Ro) might be my girlfriend it sounds odd but i think we are edging closer.But any any back to the story Tasha shouted across the room to me your so stupid you chose that ugly brat over me how dare you i felt really bad.
  • at home that night i had a message from my best mate , mike he said he would you go to the beach with me i maybe get an ice cream i know you are felling bad about Tasha i was confused. on a school night but i said yes who could turn down ice cream definitely not me
  • i looked for mike all over the beach but then i saw Tasha and she was shouting my name i went over to see what she was doing so it wasn't actually mike it was Tasha all along i should have guessed she had Ro with 1 of her friends holding her Tasha shouts here is your girlfriend and chucks Ro over
  • this day was the worst day of my life as i got into school and realised i had left my phone on the kitchen table after the day had ended i got home and searched all over for my phone apart from the living room i walked in looking stressed my mum and sister where standing holding my phone with a message up from Tasha saying your smelly selfish fat and a idiot my guardians where looking concered
  • we all sat down together and got the police involved Tahsa got a big telling of and i have still got a big group of friends still supporting me
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