Updated: 1/28/2020
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  • Beowulf & Grendel Arguing
  • Ha! You're one to talk, I am God's gift to man. You're just angry that God turned his back on your family long ago.
  • Ugh! I don't pretend not to be a killer, but look at you killing for glory you're no better than the rest of us monsters!
  • The Story of Herot
  • Beowulf gives his account of events
  • I only did what no one else could do, and that was to protect the people.
  • Grendel is counter suing Beowulf. This is the trial to defend Beowulf...
  • Grendel gives his account of events
  • " Grendel went up to Herot, wondering what the warriors would do in the hall when their drinking was done. The monster's thoughts were as quick as his greed or his claws: He slipped through the door and there in the silence Snatched up thirty men, smashed them Unknowing in their beds and ran out with their bodies."
  • Jurors decide who is guilty
  • " I wish I could show you, here in Herot, his corpse Stretched on this floor! I twisted my fingers Around his claw, ripped and tore it as hard as I could: I meant to kill him Right here, hold him so tightly that his heart would stop, would break, his life spill on this floor. But God's will was against me, he "escaped from this hall with the strength fear had given him."
  • Grendel's forever prison...
  • Do not worry revenge is coming his way...
  • Screw Beowulf..
  • That shepherd of evil, guardian of crime, Knew at once that nowhere on earth Had he meta man whose hands were harder; His mind was flooded with fear." "Grendel's one thought was to run From Beowulf, flee back to his marsh and hide there."
  • I know I have no right to say this, but it was like he enjoyed trying to kill me. No one that dangerous belongs in the society.
  • He does realize he has killed over double the people I have and the difference is I was trying to save lives right?
  • "Let God be thanked! Grendel's terrible Anger hung over our heads too long, Dropping down misery; but the almighty makes miracles."
  • Beowulf killed for the good of the people and to save them. Grendel killed out of blood lust and anger. Some may argue that they both have the murderer gene but Beowulf murdered evil while Grendel simply murdered. Now Grendel is receiving the punishment he deserves for his crimes.
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