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4.02 project
Updated: 11/25/2018
4.02 project
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  • For sure!
  • Hey, guys! I was thinking we could go to the fair later to work on our physics project...
  • Look! A ferris wheel!
  • We could ride it and use the equation C = 2πr to find the circumference, or the distance around the edge of a circle!
  • Couldn't we also find the tangential velocity?
  • That describes the motion along the edge of a circle and the direction at any given point on the circle as always being along the tangent line.
  • Oh, that's right!
  • What was it called something is moving in a circular path and is directed towards the center as it rotates?
  • I think you're talking about centripetal acceleration. Now let's go ride the ferris wheel!
  • This is so much fun!!!
  • Now that I think about it, this all relates back to uniform circular motion, or the motion of an object in a circle at a constant speed.
  • Wow! You're right!
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