the weirdest heroes journey you've ever seen
Updated: 3/15/2021
the weirdest heroes journey you've ever seen

Storyboard Text

  • i like pickles
  • ok i guess where is he
  • Transforms
  • he is down by the tree thats where you will meet him
  • it cant be your the chosen one quick you have to see the wizard
  • ah yes i have been expecting you
  • no the ninja just called me anyways come on in
  • are you the wizard i was supposed to see you some ninja guy sent me
  • oh cool with your wizard powers!
  • you fool i am the wizard the ninja was just a pawn to get you here
  • uh huh and whats that
  • well there was one thing right i am the chosen
  • wow nice place you've got here, WHAT IS THAT
  • i am the chosen samurai! "stabs the demon in the stomach
  • well that was fun man i"m hungry what should i eat
  • yeah i did that but howd you know
  • you dont need to know how just know every time you come to this restaurant
  • wait its you you killed the demon that cursed this town
  • Part 2?