Updated: 7/24/2020
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  • Hey, son. I'm heading home now, what do you want for your snacks?
  • Oh, great! Uhhh, I want some Large Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime, Krispy Kreme donuts, and a large Blizzard from Dairy Queen.
  • My son sure does like a lot of junk and a lot of imported goods.
  • Oh, wow! What is this shop?
  • Oh, I'll buy here instead of buying from overrated food shops from the mall.
  • PagkainLokal
  • Hi ma'am/sir! Come visit our shop, the PagkainLokal! We serve Filipino delicacies at cheap prices!
  • No way am I eating those! Those aren't what I requested!
  • I'm home! Here, I brought you some food fro this local shop I just discovered!
  • You're right, mom. I guess I should take a break from big and imported brands and try exploring local goods. Thanks, mom!
  • Sometimes, we have to lessen our xencentric behavior. Buying there didn't only save me money, it also helped small and local businesses prosper and be successful.
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