Updated: 10/5/2018
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  • We need to amend the Articles of Confederation to create national trade laws that would help economies of all states
  • we're famous!
  • we need a plan!
  • A Constitutional Convention Is Called; In 1786, Alexander Hamilton called for a meeting in Philadelphia, there the delegates discussed wanting to amend the Articles of Confederation to create national trade laws that would help the economies of all states.
  • Everyone voted you! Congratulations
  • The Convention's Delegates; The 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, were all very impressive. Some of the most famous men in America were there. Including, George Washington, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin.
  • I think the Virginia Plan is a good idea!!
  • The Delegates Assemble; Back in 1776, many Americans thought the government was the main threat to people's rights. That's why the delegates had to set up a strong but limited federal government.
  • we lost :(
  • The Convention Begins; They needed to elect a president for the convention, and no American was more respected than George Washington so every delegate voted for him. At their next meeting, the delegates decided on the rules for the convention.
  • The Virginia Plan; May 29, the delegates began to design a new national government. Edmund Randolph offered a plan for a whole new government, known as the Virginia Plan. This government would have 3 branches, Legislature, executive, and judiciary.
  • The Great Compromise; William Paterson presented the New Jersey Plan on June 15th. This plan called for a legislature with only one house.
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