The Zingers
Updated: 3/13/2020
The Zingers

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  • The Zingers
  • When I was in my teens I dated Chad's father for 3 years and had Chad during the 2nd year of our dating. I learned that Chad's father was a drug dealer. So I took Chad and raised him myself.
  • When I went to Mexico I met up with Chad's father so chad could see him, while I was there I learned that he had a daughter. I knew she wouldn't
  • be safe there so I thought why not take care of her too. So I took her back to the states with me and she became part of our family.
  • The Zingers are a mixed racial family. Everyone in the family came from different backgrounds. Not only does the different colors of their skin show it but so does their traditions they bring to the family.
  • When I was in China visiting a friend I learned that due to the one baby policy there were a lot of baby girls without mothers.
  • So I wanted to be one for a lucky little girl. And that's when I met Sarah and took her back to the states as my own.
  • Ms. Zinger has a big heart for her kids and she is lucky enough to have the amount of money she has as a single mother.
  • Lucky when Chad was born he got to live with his mother and group up in a nice environment, while Chads half sister, Kadance wasn't so lucky. Even with her hardship she has been able to be part of a lovely family and contribute to their diversity.
  • When Sarah was 16 months she was left all alone. Luckily Ms. Zinger had a big heart and just happened to be in China and wanted another baby girl. So she took her back to the states to join her new family.
  • At the age of 32 Ms. Zinger died from picking up her wallet off of a train track. Sadly the train was moving too fast and couldn't slow down in time, nor could she move fast enough.
  • Ms. Zinger left her two eldest children to care for her youngest daughter. Along with a big stack of money and financial things to sort out. Creating a big dispute.