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Updated: 2/18/2020
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  • Lucentio has come to Padua to gain knowledge with his servant Tranio by his side.Shad Stephens Created this
  • Yahh, but we are going to party right?
  • Tranio I am so excited to learn.
  • ........
  • In Padua, there was a wealthy man named Baptista. He had two daughters. Bianca, the younger one who was pretty and quiet. Then, there was Kat who spoke her mind.
  • I love my daughter
  • No men can tell me what to do.
  • Bianca Had many suitors, Gremio and Hortensio. Kat Had none. Baptista had a rule that Bianca could not wed until Kat was.
  • I don't care, I do not need a husband
  • What a Pretty Day.
  • Your Perfect, please make me you husband
  • Bianca, Wed me!!!
  • Gremio and Hortensio knew that Bianca could not wed until Kat was married. So they both agreed that they needed to find a for Kat. Which they thought was impossible because Kat was a terrible wife. But with her dowry, they had a chance.
  • That is where you are wrong. She has money dude.
  • Kat is impossibe, we are never going to woo bianca.
  • Lucentio spots Bianca. He falls in love almost immediately. He is told that she is not allowed to wed until her shrew of a sister is wed. He is informed that her father is looking for a tutor for Bianca.
  • Is thay an Angel?
  • Party
  • Lucentio explains to Tranio his elaborate plan to obtain Bianca. He will become her tutor, while Tranio is pretending to be Lucentio. While tutoring Bianca he will make her fall in love with him.
  • I'm going to swoon her when I am her tutor.
  • Me a Noble man? Don't mind if I do.
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