Scientific Revolution

Scientific Revolution

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  • The Starting Point of Scientific Revolution
  • The statement contradicts with the idea of Geocentric within the bible so, you must face consequences
  • Did you know that the Earth and the other planets rotates around the sun, and the moon rotate around us?
  • The Denial of the findings
  • You cannot do this, the theory need to be proven and for the citizen to know about them in order for our world to develop.
  • Stop, or you will be arrested or ebventually excecuted
  • I am going to burn your book so you won’t be able to say anything about the Heliocentric Theory 
  • The Protest For Power
  • We need the scientist to investigate and create technologies in order for the world to develop.
  • The Scientific Revolution had started in 1543, many scientist had protest against the Church in which they had a lot of power at the time leading to challenges. Like Francis Bacon who was trying to prove the Aristotelian Knowledge and Johannes Kepler trying to prove the law of planetary motion, These scientist cannot publish their findings as it connects with the Bible. The most notable one is Nicolaus Copernicus had been trying to publish the Revolutions of the Heavenly Sphere which will prove his Heliocentric Theory. However, again, the statement contradicts with the Bible so the publication cannot happen and as a result he faces consequences.
  • The Shift in Power
  • Yes, we care free to investigate and present our findings. Now, the world will be developing fast and the people will have a lot more knowledge.
  • The Pope
  • Nicolus Copernicus
  • In the 17th Century, there are many scientist that got consequences by showing and publishing their findings. For Copernicus, the Church took the Book away to destroy the findings which result in him not being able to publish the book at the time. There were many scie who faces even more consequences, Church do not believe or contradicts the Bible will be rejected, and the scientists will be arrested. Some of the famous scientists included Hypatia, Roger Bacon, and Pietro d'Abano are executed as their proven scientific evidence was rejected by Scientist. As seen, The scientist had limited power at the time. This later on leads to the scientist protesting for power.
  • The End of the Revolution
  • Yes finally, we had gained the power that we need to progress the world and develop things together BACK!!!. Now we can know things my reasoning and learn much more. We will have a bright future. 
  • As the people started to acknowledge the circumstance of these scientist they are starting to realize about their situation and know that if the scientist had success they would benefit too. By that, the people protest against the Church resulting them to lowered their power in the late- 1700’s century.
  • The Long Lasting impact of Scientific Revolution
  • That is True, they had made advancements to our society in a positive way 
  • Without the scientific revolution, our medication system and vaccination would not develop to where it is now, thanks to all the scientist that invent technologies that helped us in the society today.
  • After the protest, the Church’s power had decreased . During the 18th century, the scientific revolution was a time of improvement and change of our ways of thinking and how the world works. Some notable findings were, Francis Bacon’s scientific method has helped make experiments reliable using the method,Newton and Boyle’s laws have helped to explain how the world and universe work, along with other works and laws influenced by other scientists, Descartes work emphasize the importance his own mind and that he could only be sure of his own existence, etc. 
  • The scientific Revolution had took place till the end of the Renaissance period and continued through the late 18th century, influencing the intellectual social movement known as the Enlightenment. The power of human beings to discern truth through reasoning influenced the development of the Enlightenment value of rationalism. The influences combined with the decreasing reliance the tradition teachings of the Church, had led to a period of philosophical activity known as the enlightenment. 
  • Nowadays, the work and findings that the scientist had helped toward the development of the technologure and natural of sciences today had lead to a better life with better understanding towards the scientific field. Furthermore, medical procedures are more effective as scientist invent technologies to simplify the procedure and to study about viruses and bacteria. Finally, scientists have also paved the way to the rise of the democracy system by advocating the rights of individuals. As shown in the example Zacharias Janssen invented the Microscope which are further develop my Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll to view bacteria and to use it as vaccines to prevent people from getting sick.
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