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Updated: 4/27/2020
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  • Positive: Someone who has seen situations like this can help her and provide professional support.
  • Option 4: Talk to a trusted adult such as a counselor or trusted adult about the possible addiction.
  • Negative: She will be mad at me for telling on her without her permission and could get in trouble.
  • Internal Influence: Beliefs and ValuesMy beliefs and values positively influence my decisions because they will help me understand what I think is right. They also influence my decision because they are my core values and ethics. For example, one of my values is to keep my body healthy which will influence my decision.
  • External Influence: Peers and Other PeopleThis could be a positive or negative influence. One negative way this could impact my decision, is that I might make a poor decision just to be "cool" or based on other people. One positive way this could impact my decision is that I could see what my friend is going through, and this could help me make healthier decisions in the future.
  • I decided to go with option 3. I think this is the best decision because I will be able to assess the severity of the situation. It might be easier to help her because she will be talking to someone she knows well rather than a teacher or counselor. I could also provide a personal support system and offer advice.
  • Final Decision:
  • I think this was a good decision because it could potentially prevent both her and I from making a poor decision. I think this was an effective decision because I'm offering her support and showing that she does have someone close to her to talk to. I also could offer advice to seek help and she could talk to someone she is more comfortable that is also her age. In 2017, 4% of teens struggled with a substance use disorder, so I need to be there for her to make sure she's healthy .I will be able to ensure both of our safety using this decision. I also gain experience from this situation. I will be better prepared for future situations that could lead to unhealthy decisions.
  • My Decision Evaluation
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