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Pdhpe assignment redo
Updated: 3/21/2020
Pdhpe assignment redo
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  • But why do i always have to work?
  • Stop the child crying! Hurry up with dinner! Clean, the house is so messy!
  • Oh god! This is way too scary, please don't make me do this!
  • Just go or i'm taking Annie away!
  • Mama!
  • How could she? Taking all the attention away! She is so rude!
  • Sarah and Nathan are in an unhealthy relationship. Nathan is controlling Sarah, telling her to cook, clean and to look after Annie, their daughter. This is making Sarah feel like a slave and making her feel like if she doesnt do what she is told she will get into more trouble.
  • How could you! You are horrible, the worst wife, you are ugly and a dreadful mother!
  • Sarah is scared about going into the cave and doesnt want to do it. Nathan pressures her and tells her that if she doesn't do it then he will take Annie away. This makes Sarah feel like she has to do this whether she likes it or not.
  • Oh look Sarah, everyone's laughing at you, because you are an ugly disgrace! Haha!
  • Please stop Nathan.
  • Nathan is jealous. Annie loves Sarah but seems to hate him. He doesn't like this and wants to get back at Sarah. This is making Nathan feel unwanted by Annie and angry at Sarah.
  • Why did you do, why are you the way you are! Your damaged, you know that? Don't you are interrupt me again, or else,
  • Nathan is jealous, this causes him to blame Sarah. He verbally abuses her by shouting at her and swearing at her. This makes Annie feel not loved and like it is her fault that Nathan is screaming at her.
  • Nathan finds it funny that Sarah is upset and decides to laugh at her in public. Humiliating her. This makes Nathan feel powerful but it makes Sarah feel embarrassed.
  • Nathan is not happy with Sarah's work and decides to punish her for it through physical abuse. He hits her, physically hurting Sarah to the point where she is crying in pain. This is making Nathan feel more and more good about himself.
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