Updated: 11/23/2020

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  • Suddenly, Eurydice stumbled then fell to the ground. By the time Orpheus reached her she was dead. And the snake that bitten her was slithering away through the grass.
  • It was a great wedding of Orpheus the greatest poet and musician and Eurydice a wood nymph. It was a lovely wedding, the guest thought.
  • Eurydice, my love!
  • You two are officially married.
  • Following Eurydice's funeral, Orpheus overcome with a grief the human world could not contain.
  • We will be together, again.
  • So he decided he would journey to the to the land of dead. A place which no living creature haven't returned, to rescue he's beloved. When he reached the gate he begun to strum his lyre.
  • The music was so beautiful that Cerberus the three headed dog who guards the dead lay down as Orpheus passed.
  • Charon, the ferry captain who charged dead souls to cross the river styx, was so moved by the music that he bought Orpheus across free of charged.
  • I'll do it.
  • You're wish was granted. but there is one condition...
  • As, you climbed out the underworld, you must not turn around to see if she's following you
  • If you did, she would return to the land of dead forever.
  • When Orpheus entered the palace Hades ang Persephone, the king and queen of the dead he began to sing. He sang his love of Eurydice, and said she had been taken away too soon. He said that he want his love back again, after he sang the devil creatures stopped what they doing.
  • Orpheus begin to climbed, with each step he worried more and more if whether Eurydice was behind him. He heard nothing but was determined to get her to life. So, they did.
  • Don't look back, my love!!
  • I'm happy to see you again, my love!
  • Eurydice cameback alive but the down side was she will be forever half human and half monster. Orpheus doesn't mind it. He loved Eurydice so much after what happened.
  • Thanks for all your sacrifices.
  • THE END.