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Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Algernon, that was so ostentatious of you, ruining my marriage with Gwendolyn like that .
  • It was quite the opposite, you ruined my marriage with Cecily. I did not ruin anything.
  • I have a disposition, I would never marry a man named Algernon, what an ugly name!
  • Yes, I would never marry a man named Jack, only someone named Earnest!
  • Well then enough arguing I am going to get christened with the name Earnest, so I can marry Gwendolyn
  • I am coming with you, I will have that name as well, so I can marry Cecily.
  • Thank you for not being a misanthrope and christening us
  • With that I christen you guys both with the name Earnest
  • Wow, Thank you dr.
  • Now that my name is Earnest, Will you Mary me Gwendolyn?
  • Oh yes dear Earnest!
  • Yes please, I have always wanted to Mary someone named Earnest!
  • Now that my name is Earnest, will you Mary me Cecily?
  • Finally!
  • I pronounce you guys Husband and wife!
  • Yay!