Tonya Harding TRUE STORY Part 2
Updated: 6/17/2020
Tonya Harding TRUE STORY Part 2
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Tonya Harding will tell you the real story of the Nancy Kerrgian attack! From her point of view. TRUE STORY Part 2

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  • She was crying about her leg. Saying that someone hit it.
  • But when I saw her leg, there weren't any "hit marks" there was... A BITE MARK?
  • So I was thinking, "who would want to BITE Nancy Kerrigan's leg!? And why would she say someone HIT her when they really BIT her. AND WHY THE HECK IS THE DOCTOR USING A SCALPEL FOR A CUT!!!???
  • And I suddenly knew the answer to the first question! But the other two were still confusing.
  • a hee hee
  • On my way to the Olympic Stadium, I passed an old hobo near the entrance.
  • There was a sign he held that said, "pay me and i eat skaters leg" "leg looks like chicken wings"
  • And I guess Nancy Kerrigan's leg kinda reminds you of a crispy chicken wing if you look at it at a certain angle
  • To Be Continued...
  • Which means someone hired the hobo! But why?...
  • a hee hee
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