Dora Storyboard
Updated: 4/17/2020
Dora Storyboard
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  • When you can swing over this river, I will tell you who your dad is and where to find him.
  • Mom, who is my dad?
  • Way to go Dora,i'm so proud of you. Its only fair that I tell you who your dad is, so, in this note will have all the information you will need to find him.
  • Thank you so much!
  • Ever since Dora was little, she wondered who her father was. Her mother told here that once she can swing across this river, she will tell Dora where to fond her father.
  • Bye Dora! I love you!
  • The day came where Dora could swing across the river. Dora was really excited to meet her father.
  • DAD!
  • DORA!
  • Swiper
  • Her mother lived up to her promise and gave Dora all the information she needs to find her dad. Dora was very grateful and couldn't wait to meet her dad.
  • Dora, I need your help. My city Parapata has been under attack by the name of Swiper, do you think you can find him and defeat him?
  • Yes Dad, I will go and defeat Swiper for you!
  • So Dora set off on her journey to find Diego, her father.
  • After a lot of walking and hard work, Dora arrived at the location and met her dad for the firs time. She was so happy.
  • Soon after Dora met her father, he asked her for her help. The city that he once had ruled had been run down and destroyed by a beast that goes by the name of Swiper. He asked Dora to go and defeat him. His only request was for Dora to sing her favorite song on her way back to let him know she was OK. Dora accepted
  • But make sure you sing your favourite song on your way home to let me know you are ok
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