Historical foundations of our Republic
Updated: 2/7/2020
Historical foundations of our Republic
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  • I wish you would treat woman the same!
  • I'm free from debt slavery!
  • Thank you for electing me, I am Pericles, I will treat all citizens the same.
  • I am a farmer! I'm glad I can vote now!
  • I finally get to learn how to read!
  • Did you here about the twelve tables? I hear they are our new laws!
  • Well, this isn't good, I can't bribe the judge anymore
  • Your Majesty, us wealthy Barons are letting people use our property as shelter, we need more authority!
  • I shall agree to your plea of power. I will create a parliamentary govern-ment this year 1215, we will work together to pass laws
  • Locke, using a system of checks and balances, and having separate branches of government is best.
  • Montesquieu, people should have the right to overthrow the government!
  • We Saints believe it is time to create a document to settle our endless quarrel
  • Maybe we should unify, and create a compact of laws and regulations
  • Aaah the House of Burgesses, I heard they make laws here. Cheers to the first representative assembly in Colonial America
  • The assembly, our lower house, is doing well!
  • The voters voted me into it, I am glad
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