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Updated: 3/26/2020
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  • WHAT? She was the girl in the video?
  • OMG! It was her right?
  • WOAH! How can she go out in this situation??
  • Hay, I feel bad for her. This shouldn't happen. I wonder how we can help her.
  • She's here! Crybaby! She's doesn't look like she can do that! Why is she even here? What a freak!
  • B*TCH!!!
  • This is the main reason why I don't like using social media accounts.
  • You see, an expert hacker can easily spill everyone's secret.
  • The only advantage of it is you can easily get in touch with anyone, and share information. But other than that, it's not safe.
  • IKR. We never know if we are being watched or not. Gosh. I really feel bad for her.
  • Ever since I used my Facebook, I always feel like someone is watching me that makes me uncomfortable. See, look at what happened to our classmate.
  • Yeah, I strongly agree. Our accounts should be a spot which we can trust. Not another place to feel unsafe. Where is the freedom with that, right?
  • By the way, you said that you felt like you were being watched by someone before. OMG! Is that the reason why you deactivated? What happened?????
  • Ah... Yeah... My whole family and even relatives used to spy every posts and comments in my profile. At first, I understand they wanted to correct me, but it feels like I have a spy. I don't want to build any distrust between me and them so I just chose to take it down.
  • What about you? Don't you feel unsafe in using your accounts?
  • There was a time where one of my friends reported to me that I had a poser. I saw her account and she's using all of my pictures. I feel like that poser is just one of my friends. So everyone reported the poser and I've decided to make a private account to avoid it.
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