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Romeo and Juliet ACT 1
Updated: 10/4/2019
Romeo and Juliet ACT 1
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  • say 'better' - here's one of our master's relatives.
  • ACT 1 SCENE 1
  • Draw your Swords, If you all yourselves men. Gregory, remember your swashing stroke!
  • I'm only trying to keep the peace; put back your sword, or use it to helpp me part these men
  • What - talking peace with your sword drawn? I hate the word; like i hate hell, montagues - and you come on, then, coward!
  • ACT 1 SCENE 1
  • If ever you breach the peace again your lives will pay the price.
  • ACT 1 SCENE 2
  • What have you to say about my request to marry your daughter?
  • She is the world to me. But court her, gentle paris: win her heart. My feelings take second place to hers. Once her consent is obtained, my own willing agreement follows. Tonight i'm holding a festive party, to which i've invited many of my best friends, with yourself as a very welcome addition.
  • Two servants from the house of Capulet (Sampson and Gregory) They got into an argument with two servants from the house of montague (Abraham and balthasar). Benvolio (a montague) came in and tried to break up the fight with his sword drawn. Along came Tybalt who saw the montagues and the capulets fighting. Fuelled by hatred of the montagues ( Because of the feud) he tried to pick a fight with Benvolio.
  • ACT 1 SCENE 3
  • Marriage is the very theme I came to talk about. Tell me, daughter Juliet how do you feel about getting married?
  • Prince Escalus arrived and he was angry when he saw the brawl, he broke up the fight and told lord montague and lord capulet that if their people fought again he would execute anyone involved. 
  • ACT 1 SCENE 4
  • Too early, i fear. I have a premonition that something written in the stars, but not yet revealed, will begin it fatal curse with tonight's celebrations, foreclosing on my worthless life by means of some evil forfeit: an early death. But God who steers my life will direct my course. Press on, gentlemen.
  • True. I'm talking about dreams, which are the offspring of a lazy brain. They're conceived by nothing but idle fantasy, which is as insubstantial as the air, and more unpredictable than the wind, which one moment favours the frozen north and then, becoming angry, blows away turning to face the milder south
  • Paris (a capulet) is trying to convince Lord capulet to give his daughter (juliet’s) hand in marriage. Lord Capulet sets up a “festive party” So that Paris could try and win over Juliet’s (capulet’s daughter) heart.
  • ACT 1 SCENE 5
  • Lady Capulet then asks Juliet how she feels about marriage and Juliet replies with “It’s an honor that I don’t dream about.” They both tell Juliet about Paris, the man that wants to take Juliet’s hand marriage and try to convince her to marry him and describes them as a “great love story” and a “romance that’s waiting for a dedication”. She asks Juliet what her opinion is about Paris and Juliet replies with “If looking leads to liking, I expect I shall”.
  • It's an honor I don't dream about.
  • Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio are going to the masque ball, Romeo is feeling down and doesn’t feel in the mood to dance at the ball. Mercutio is encouraging Romeo to attend the ball and gives a big speech talking about “Queen Mab” who is a lady that puts the image of women in their heads making them feel desired to meet the woman that was in their dreams. Romeo tells Mercutio he’s talking a lot of nothing. Benvolio tells Romeo that they should act themselves and that the montagues shouldn’t be treated very special just because they’re going to visit them.Romeo tells Benvolio about having a bad feeling that something will happen later that evening at the ball.
  • The wind you are talking about deflects us from our plans. Supper's over, and we shall arrive too late
  • Romeo gets a glimpse of Juliet from across the room, He talks to himself about her beauty before he goes over to talk to her. They instantly fall in love then when it's just the two of them Romeo reaches in to kiss Juliet, then Juliet kisses him back. At the end of the night they find out that they're rivals.
  • So my lips must have the sin they've taken from you.
  • Taken sin from my lips? you've sweetly proved that i've offended! Give me my sin back again! [kisses her for the second time
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