What to Watch?
Updated: 8/14/2020
What to Watch?

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  • What to Watch? 
  • I so bored, and I have absolutely no clue what to watch.
  • My sister has watched a bunch of shows, I might as well ask her.
  • Yeah, sure, I just got done watching Grey's Anatomy and I liked it a lot. You should watch it. 
  • "Hey, Syd, I'm really board and I have no clue what to watch. Do you have any suggestions?
  • Alright, I've seen a few episode a long time ago, but I guess I'll watch it for good. Thanks.
  • Lets see why so many people are obsessed with this show.
  • I've been watching this for 3 days straight now, and I'm already on season 3. Looks like I found something to watch.
  • 3 Days Later...