Rosa Parks Mighty Times Storyboard
Updated: 2/27/2020
Rosa Parks Mighty Times Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Rosa Parks Refuses to Go Through the Black Door on the Bus
  • No thank you, and you better not hit me.
  • Hey, STOP! You have to go through the black door
  • Rosa Parks Refuses to Give up Her Seat
  • You may do that
  • Ma'am you are under arrest
  • That one, right there!
  • The Bus Boycott
  • No riders today!!
  • One day in 1933, Rosa Parks was getting on the bus, but she realized the black door was crowded, so she went through the white door. The bus driver got so mad that he went down to Rosa Parks and almost hit her, but she said, "don't you hit me."
  • The Mass Meeting
  • Hello everyone, I am Martain Luther King Jr. You all did an amazing job today and I am very proud,. We shall carry on with this for as long as we need.
  • One day, Rosa Parks was coming home on the bus, and went to sit in the black section. But at one stop, there was one white man standing, so the bus driver made 4 black people including Rosa Parks stand up so one white man could sit down, but she refused to stand up. The bus driver called the police and had here arrested.
  • Homes Have Been Bombed
  • Everybody, please do not fight! My family is ok. We must peacefully protest.
  • On Monday, December 5, 1955 was the first day of the bus boycott. To start it, yound negros spread the word, "don't ride the bus." So every black person in the town walked to school or work. The boycott lasted for 381 daus, and during it, the bus system went almost out of buisness.
  • Segregation Has Ended
  • We now declare racial segregation to end
  • The evening of the first day of the boycott, at the Holt Street Baptist Church, there was a mass meeting where about 5,000 people came. Dr. Martain Luther King Juiner was announced their leader, and he gave a speech to celebrate how well everyone did on the first day of the bus boycott.
  • Whoo hoo!
  • When the Ku Klux Klan firebombed Dr. Martain Luther King Jr's home, everybody was furious. People came out to his door with clubs and pitchforks and were ready to fight. But Dr. King came out and said, "My family is safe. Please do not fight. We must protest peacefully."
  • Finally on December 21, 1956, after 381 days of walking, the bus boycott ended and the supreme court created a law against segregation. Everyone was so happy and overjoyed because all of their hard work payed off.
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