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Timmy learns about forces
Updated: 11/11/2020
Timmy learns about forces
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  • Timmy Learns about Forces!
  • That kid is always getting himself into trouble...
  • That's great honey! Ill be up here if you need me, I have a business call. Just don't get hurt .. we don't want another incident!
  • AHHHHhh! I'm going too fast. HOW WILL I STOP! SOMEONE HELP!!!!
  • Hmm? Why am I now going backwards and slower now?
  • By: Stephanie Cuevas
  • Hey mom! I finally found something smarty pants for once. I mean I was screaming my head off the whole time but still... here Ill run up to you....
  • Narrator: Shown in such a situation, gravity is the force which allows any two objects to pull towards earth or any physical body with mass.
  • Timmy!! Dinners Ready!!
  • Aww man, and when I thought this day was going to be good, of course I ended with mud all over my face…..
  • Narrator: The reason for Timmy's downward motion is because he is moving towards gravity pull, causing acceleration and when the uphill stops him, that is because it is forcing a person to oppose such pull, making it more difficult to pedal upwards. In the end, after a while, the two forces cause him to begin to slow down.
  • The End
  • Narrator: Then of course friction must play a role in life. The friction that will be demonstrated in the following is sliding friction, being when two objects rub/slide against each other, usually being on a surface.
  • Huh I guess bad luck really is on my side . Every time I try to run on a rainy day, I slip and fall….. I wonder why the world can just.. You know… not be slippery for once.
  • Narrator: Sliding friction is demonstrated because when Timmy slips on the mud, his foot is sliding upon the surface of the grass, and since it was slippery this had caused him to fall .
  • Goodbye!!!
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