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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/14/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Well it all started when I was walking my dog and I heard a loud shriek from the nearby park so i has sprinted as fast as my legs could catch me to go check it out.
  • What do you have to say about the day Bob Sheldon was killed?
  • This seems like we might be getting some important in sites here hmm. I better write this down to show that greaser gang I'm spying for.
  • Johnny, are you out of your mind. Jail can make you well... different you know. I don't want you to change so quickly like the sun to a moon, I like your personality Johnny. Just even a month of jail could change you just like it had happened to me.
  • That's crazy Johnny.
  • I think I'm going to have to turn myself in Dally. I mean there not going to go as hard on me if I confess if myself.
  • You know. I feel a bit bad for Johnny. I know that he know we are like family to him but he just doesn't feel that his parents don't care about him anymore.
  • *sigh*
  • Dally explains to both Johnny and Ponyboy that Cherry had been the new spy for the greasers because she feels that it was her fault for the killing because she was the one who was hanging out with the greasers, making her boyfriend Bob and the rest of the group mad. In reaction to this, she is now taking as much information as possible to persuade the law that Johnny was only using it for self defence. Furthermore, she also believed that Soc's and Greasers all have problems and life so they should just have the equal power to each other.
  • I think we started the fire !?!
  • Lets get these kids out of here!
  • sizzle... sizzle
  • Okay. We'll do this very quickly. I'll grab the first set, you'll grab the next before the church tumbles down.
  • Johnny starts to feel self confident about turning himself in because he thinks that they will go easier on him since the reason was for self defence. On the other hand, Dally tries convincing him to not leave and turn himself in because he is afraid it might harden johnny and his personality. More deeply, he doesn't want Johnny to become a replica of his young self because he believes that Johnny's personality is a specialty.
  • My hair had been all towheaded as I lay in the ambulance bed full of burns and scratches.
  • Johnny wonders if his family had cared to look for him but after what Dally had said about his family not caring, he felt very upset about if anybody had cared for him at all. Johnny had also had the inner thought that Dally and a lot of other people were mad at him for the killing of Bob. To add on to this, I infer that this might change Johnny's personality of being more out in the open and take larger risks.
  • Oh Ponyboy you don't know how much I have missed you. Give me a hug.
  • I am so sorry for running away from you guys. This is all my fault. I wont let it happen ever again.
  • Once they arrive at the church, it starts to burn and when they ask the teacher whats going on, he explains that there might be some children still in the building. Ponyboy had believed that they had started the fire so he runs into the building, followed along with Johnny and tries to save the kids from the burning fire. One they had all escaped, Ponyboy had sprinted out of the building but Johnny had not been able to make it. Finally Dally hits Ponyboy and he faints on the ground.
  • Sir. Am I going to jail. Am I going to be alright?
  • PPonyboy wakes up in the ambulance to see a man who is a stranger to him but had explained the whole situation that had happened. The man is very nice to Ponyboy from being hoods but he explains that Darry hit Ponyboy because he was on fire and Johnny was not able to escape from the fire so he had gotten major burns. This makes Ponyboy worry if Johnny had been ok but most importantly, if he was living.
  • No Ponyboy. After what you did, you'll pass by it. Stay rested until we get to the hospital. You"ll be alright.
  • Ponyboy is in the waiting room because he had only had a small bruise and a couple of small burns. Dally had been alright and was able to talk but Johnny on the other hand was covered from head to toe in ash and was not awake whatsoever. The stranger comes back to tell him that his brothers were there to see him but as Soda was sad, Darry had been crying like he had never done before. This was because he did not want to loose another loved one like he did with his mother and father.
  • Ponyboy. I'm sorry fro hitting you. I never should have done that. I just didn't want to loose you like we did with mom and dad. You brothers are the only things left I have. I was just trying to protect you.
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