Updated: 6/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1
  • I'm so tired.. I really wish I could just getaway for a while
  • Scene 2
  • Do you want to getaway from your busy life and explore a island?
  • WAIT who said that?
  • OH I didn't even know I had a na-
  • Uhm me, the narrator
  • Scene 3
  • So do you want to explore an island?
  • Well than say no more!
  • Establishing shot of Hospital. Cars passing by and people talking. The protagonist sits on a side bench with a sad look on her face and starts thinking about how tired she is and wants to getaway. WIDE SHOT
  • With Cunucu Tours, you get the chance to explore the amazing island of Aruba in a new andinnovative way!Just book your tour and we will do the rest!
  • Establishing shot of Hospital. The voice of the narrator appears and shocks the protagonist. The narrator asks the protagonist if she wants to get away and explore an island. The protagonist gets up from the bench and asks who said that. The narrator responds and in confusion the protagonists starts talking. WIDE SHOT
  • At Cunucu Tours we strive to give our customers the best service and the best experience on the island!
  • Book your tour with us now and experience your first ever Eco-Friendly Tour!
  • The protagonist is interrupted by a cough from the narrator who asks her again if she would like to getaway. The protagonist answers yes. MEDIUM SHOT
  • Experience an entire world on a single island with us, your friends from...
  • C U N U C UTOURS!!
  • Scene 4
  • The scene than changes and shows the protagonist booking a tour while the narrator narrates. CLOSE UP
  • Scene 5
  • The scene than transitions to the protagonist arriving at the tour company and is being welcomed by the tour guide while the narrator narrates. In the back there is other tourists sitting in a UTV ready for the tour. WIDE SHOT
  • Welcome to CUNUCU TOURS!
  • Scene 6
  • The scene then transitions to the protagonist arriving at the beach with the tour while the narrator narrates. All the tourists go off to swim in sea. There is a closeup of the protagonist, she is happy. The scene then closes with a shot of the ocean and sky and the cunucu tours logo while the narrator says Cunucu Tours. CLOSE UP AND WIDE SHOT