Updated: 5/18/2020

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A modern-day version of Cinderella where she stands up for herself and teaches other girls that it's okay to stand out.

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  • Her name is Ella. She's beautiful, smart, and generous. Life was almost perfect for Ella, until her father married her snakelike stepmother. In addition to having an evil stepmother, she has two conceided stepsisters.
  • One day a new boy comes to school. And of course, Ella's sisters and all the other girls rush up to greet and talk to him. Ella didn't really care and she didn't pay attention. She had more important things to do then fantisize over a boy. Click To EditOne day a new boy comes to school. And of course, Ella's sisters and all the other girls rush up to greet and talk to him. E Help Insert ParagraphUndoes the last commandRedoes the last commandTabUntabSet a bold styleSet a italic styleSet a underline styleSet a strikethrough styleClean a styleSet left alignSet center alignSet right alignSet full alignToggle unordered listToggle ordered listOutdent on current paragraphIndent on current paragraphChange current block's format as a paragraph(P tag)Change current block's format as H1Change current block's format as H2Change current block's format as H3Change current block's format as H4Change current block's format as H5Change current block's format as H6Insert horizontal Summernote 0.8.11 · Project · Issues
  • Instead of leaving school for lunch or hanging out with friends, Ella spent her lunch indoors in the music room. Music was her passion and she loved it. She was a singer, a pianist, and a composer. Ella was going to play in the school dance and she needed her music to be perfect.
  • The day of the school dance arrives and Ella puts on her jeans and a black long t-shirt. As she's leaving the door her stepmother calls out to her. "Ella, or should I say, Cinderella, where are you going?""I'm going to the dance," she replies."No you aren't, you have to do the laundry, forgot?""I'm not doing that today. I have something important toattend." And with that Ella, closes the door, and leaves the house.
  • Everything was going well for Ella, until her sisters spotted her. "Oh look, it's Cinderella," one of the said. "Aren't you supposed to be home, doing the laundry?" The other asked. "I'm a normal teenager, I'm allowed to have fun. Your mother can try and take away my happiness, but she can't. Now please, leave me alone," Cinderella looked at them in the eye, standing up for herself, something she had not done before. She was always doing it for others, but not for herself. "You heard her, leave her alone," a deep voice said behind her.Cinderella looked around and it was the new kid. The sisters didn't want to embarass themselves further, so they left.
  • It was time for Ella to play her song, and she did. After she perfromed, the new boy introduced himself, his name was Mason. That night, Ella and Mason became friends. "You know, you're different from everyone else," he told Ella."I know and that's okay," she replied.