Updated: 9/9/2020

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  • The dutch lens maker Zacharias Janssen discoverdthe principle of the compound microsope in 1590it was a gift to the king not knowing it was a microscope
  • I have invented the first ever microscope without knowing it
  • Zacharias Janssen
  • Anton Van Leeuwenheok
  • In THE 1670'S A DUTCH AMATEUR SCIENTIST ANTON VAN LEEUWENHEOKmade himself a single-lens microscope that could magnify up to 270x
  • I studied that we have bacteria in our mouth
  • In 1665 the oxford scientist ROBERT HOOKE used the microscope to uncover the world of cells and used a cork in the experiment of ROBERT HOOKE
  • No need to thank me for making the word cell
  • Robert Hooke
  • Matthias Shleiden
  • All plants I have looked are made of cells
  • Concluded that animal and plants were made up of cells
  • All the animals I have studied also have cells
  • Theodor Shwann
  • Rudolf Virchow
  • Published that new are formed from old cells called cell division Some sources say that he "borrowed" from Robert Remack
  • Cells Come from Pre-existing cells
  • Walther Flemming
  • Developed the technique using dyes to make cells more visible
  • More visible to the eye