the grekk story
Updated: 6/5/2020
the grekk story
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the greek story

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  • Stop your chatter, girl! Can't you see I'm in a hurry? I'm looking for my husband
  • I haven't seen him, but I just saw poseidon heading that way ... and you'll never guess who was with him
  • you right
  • Of course I'm right. I'm a goddess
  • Trying to trick the queen of the gods!This will serve you right
  • What do you want?
  • If you lived on mount Olympus and wanted to find out anything about anyone, you would ask Echo. She made it her business to mind everyone else's. One day, as Echo was eavesdropping on a friendly conversation between Zeus and a lovely nymph, she saw Zeus' wife , Hera, storming toward them.Before could get a glimpse of Zeus , Echo grabbed her arm and began updating her on the latest gossip about the gods-leaving out Zeus , of course
  • You want?
  • I don't want anything.Don't tell me you're another one of these foolish girls who thinks that they love me
  • Love me!
  • Echo continued to distract the powerful goddess with her endless prattle, while Zeus sneaked away from scene. Hera turned around just in time to see her husband and realized that this impudent nymph was trying to trick her. In her fury, she punished Echo with a cruel curse: Echo would never be able to speak again, except to repeat the last that others spoke to her
  • Come back! Don't leave me! Can't you see we're perfect for each other?
  • Echo wandered aimlessly through the woods, where she came upon narcissus, the most beautiful young man ever to grace Mount Olympus. Echo caught one glimpse-that face, those eyes, that hair!-and instantly fell in love. She rushed to meet Narcissus, who was annoyed to be followed by yet another girl
  • NO, I won't love you. I've yet to find anyone worthy of my love.
  • Narcissus turned to leave, and Echo was devastated. First she had lost her voice and now she was losing her heart to Narcissus she hid herself in a cave and wept endlessly, until her body withered away and all that remained was her voice- an echo
  • Mean while, Narc issus had stopped for a drink of water by a pool,where he saw the most beautiful face he had ever laid on. And he finally discovered what it meant to be in love. But when Narcissus  reached to touchthe fair skin and golden locks, the face vanished beneath the ripples of waters.
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