Part 2

Updated: 9/10/2021
Part 2

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  • OMG, it has been such a long time. I gotta call him now.
  • 1.Sorry is this Johnny?4. Hey mannn! Long time no see, HOW ARE YOU, man?!!!
  • 2. Yes, it is3.Bryan?4. HAHHA, I'm doing fantastic. Omg, I thought I'll never be able to talk to you again!
  • HELLO? Hello? Hellllooo? hello hello?
  • 1.Oh man! It's crazy hahah!3. YES YES, Of course I'll come brother!!!4. Quickly man, give me the address and the time , bro!
  • 2.It is haha! Oh man, it's been so long I thought that you have changed your address. But thank God, ooohhh hang on. Luckily, mine wedding is next week, please come join us!
  • 2. Yes.4. Ok and the date?5. Wait?? Say it again, your voice was interrupted.
  • 1.Ready? 2.It's 123 ABC Blvd3.the time is : ...........jsdjfhjsjdkfbhabsdjfjsdjfnl....
  • Hello? HELLOOOOO? Hello?
  • Communication Barrier #2:The phone call got interrupted because the phone tower was broke due to severe weather