Frankenstein Chapters 19-24
Updated: 3/9/2020
Frankenstein Chapters 19-24
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  • Chapters 19-24
  • Should I be doing this? She could be more dangerous than him, she might reject him, and their offspring will destroy the earth.
  • Victor sets sail for London to get the necessary information needed to complete the work. He then goes to the Orkney islands in isolation to create the new monster.
  • After reasoning with himself Victor realizes that the new monster will bring more harm than good.
  • I can't let her be as destructive, or more destructive that you. I'm sorry but my protection of humanity comes first.
  • Why are you destroying my bride to be?!
  • I will cause you life long misery from here on. I will be with you on your wedding night.
  • After destroying and throwing out the remains of the new monster Victor sails for a new land. Here he finds out terrible news courtesy of the magistrate.
  • Oh no, my good friend Henry Clerval has been murdered!
  • Yep, the reaction of a murderer. It's the slammers for you.
  • Victor is found innocent as he was not present during the murder. His dad comes and takes him back to Geneva where even with a little uncertainty, Elizabeth and him marry. But he still remembers the dreaded monster's words.....
  • Oh no! My wife, the wretch has taken you from me too. I thought when he said he would be there on my wedding night that he was coming for me!
  • With anger, grief, and vengeance fueling him, Victor chases the monster until the North Pole. Then, when Walton finds him he knows that the monster must die but Victor knows that his life can't end feeling only pain. He must die a happy death.
  • I am not to blame for this. I longed for companionship but was met with hatred. I will go to the North Pole and burn myself to rid this world of my being, I must disappear from this world without a trace.
  • Look what you did wretch, Victor is dead and you are to blame for his suffering!
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