Frankenstein Chapters 13-18
Updated: 3/9/2020
Frankenstein Chapters 13-18
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  • Chapters 13-18
  • The monster learns of the children's names, Felix and Agatha while their father is named De Lacy. The mood of the cottagers change to joyous with news of the new arrival. They have to teach her English and the monster takes advantage of this.
  • Father, sister, the beautiful Safie has finally arrived.
  • Whilst attempting to save Safie's father from French prison they are caught and sentenced to five months. They have also been exiled from France.
  • I will do anything for you, if it means having your dad's blessing in marriage.
  • The monster had a plan to introduce himself to the family through the father. He was blind so the monster knew that he couldn't see his ugliness. His plan ends up not working.
  • Get off me, what are you!?
  • Please help me, you're my only hope.
  • Get your hands off my father!
  • The monster tells Victor about his saving of a girl from a stream only to be shot afterwards by the father. He tells him about the murder of William and him knowing that it would please his need for revenge.
  • Get your hands off me, for my father is Alphonse Frankenstein.
  • You know of Frankenstein? Your death should bring him to me.
  • He goes on to tell about how he framed Justine unknowingly by laying the miniature of Frankenstein's mother that William had on her while she was asleep. They have a heated argument once the monster asks something of his creator.
  • You will now create another creation like me for who I can have a companionship with.
  • You owe it to me for abandoning your creation. Obey me and grant this one wish.
  • I will not, you have murdered part of my family and you expect this of me?
  • Fine. I will grant you this. But you and your companion must never cross paths with another place or human being ever.
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