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Updated: 7/13/2018
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Religion and Social Justice

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  • Why are you healthy while the other man is poor?
  • I chose to do the hardest and most helpful job and that's why I am rewarded well.
  • Better? What do you mean about better, poverty still exists even in the riches country in the world.
  • Don't you see how much the rich have improved them. They now have cellphones , transportation, jobs. What is not better?
  • The poor chose to get a job but I chose to risk my own money to make the work a better place.
  • However many are those whom you could have provided for, so many are those whom you wrong
  • No they don't... people in public housing live in unsanitary conditions
  • The homeless are in a very vulnerable position right now, they can't support themselves.
  • When we build an economy there is great competition, it is ineviitable that some people would remain suffering.
  • I spent one third of my income in taxes and charity that support the poor. Many people in poverty live good lives.
  • How about people in Africa. So many are poor with no one to relieve them.
  • We are trying to reach to mars right now and thats the next step to human proliferation; the resources on earth are dwindling, we need to expand to new territory.
  • We assist them in getting more productive jobs but they need to do the work them selves.
  • Look! I have to pay such a high price just to live in manhattan. Even the rich have troubles.
  • You're just disobeying the Lord. You want to keep all the resources for yourselves. You have stolen from the poor! Let them suffer while you live in luxury of human servants.
  • Your greed will catch up to YOU! YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE!!
  • What does mars have to do with poverty?
  • For productivity, one needs some kind of resource to work with. So we are going to go to mars just incase we don't have enough resources on earth.
  • Poverty occurs when there not enough resources to an individual. That's poverty. To make resource available people need to be more productive: that's all.
  • BYE!! I have warned you!
  • We are going to FIGHT for our service that we have done to serve those in NEED!!
  • BYE Then. You know we have earned what we have.
  • The poor had recieved resources from rich, we done more to help the poor than you have imagined
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