Spiderman and Trignometry
Updated: 7/21/2020
Spiderman and Trignometry
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Storyboard Description

Spiderman teaches us how to use trigonometry so you can be a web-slinger just like him.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Whats Up? I'm Peter Parker although you may better know me as spiderman. A lot of people want to be spiderman just like me, but its not easy, there are a lot of factors you need to learn before you can web-sling like me.
  • One of such factor is trigonometry, without trigonometry I can't tell how tall a building is or how much web it'll take to get on top of it. Here let me show you my trig in action!
  • This is a perfect example to show how I use trigonometry while swinging across the city. This building is 50 ft tall on its adjacent side and has a shadow running 23 feet on the opposite side. However I need to find the angle, so instead I use tan-1(23/50). Anddd the angle measure of the building is 71 degrees.
  • That building over there has an angle elevation of 48 degrees and is casting a 36 foot shadow. To find the height of the building I can just use 36*Cos(48) The height of the building is 23 feet tall.
  • This building has an angle measure of 45 degrees and is 67 feet tall. I wonder how long of a shadow it casts so, I use sin(45/67) . The shadow length of the building is 68 feet long.
  • That about all the time I have today, tune in next for more spiderman tutorials from your friendly neighborhood hero, Spiderman!
  • THE END 
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